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Predict the outcome of the biggest fight each week

Predict the result of the biggest fight each week (before 8am GMT on the day of the fight) to earn points and climb the league standings. Pick the fight winner and whether they’ll win on points or by knockout. If you pick ‘knockout’ as the method of victory, you can optionally choose what round you think the knockout will come to earn more points.

How points are scored:

  • Correct winner and correct method of victory, or the fight to end as a draw: 8 points
  • Correct winner but incorrect method of victory: 6 points
  • Correct winner, to win by knockout and the correct round in which the knockout came: 15 points
  • Correct winner, to win by knockout but the incorrect round in which the knockout came: 5 points
Boxing Mastr prediction animation

Automatic notifications

The fight result is automatically processed within 24 hours after the fight and you'll get an email with your points total for the week. It’s then time to make your prediction for the next fight and check whether you’ve climbed the league standings or had a bad week.

Boxing Mastr prediction notification screenshot

Create and join leagues

Compete with your friends by creating private leagues. Add users to your league and they'll get an email inviting them to join, or you can invite users via social media. You will also automatically join the global Boxing Mastr league along with every other user.

Boxing Mastr private league screenshot

User profiles

Each user has their very own profile which shows how they've got on with their predictions throughout the season. You can also add information such as your favourite fighter and location, and share your profile across social media with the click of a button.

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Bragging rights or humiliation...

At the end of the year it’s time to discover whether you'll have a year’s worth of bragging rights over your friends, or whether you need to study the sweet science a little more than you thought. The winner of the global Boxing Mastr league is also announced.

Boxing Mastr global league screenshot

Ready to get involved?

Boxing Mastr is currently under reconstruction and aims to be back in the near future. Please email to get in touch.